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Meet Your Board

J LORD.jpg

Jeridith Lord


My name is Jeridith and I couldn't be more excited to be part of such an amazing organization. Although this is my first year as president, I have been lucky enough to have a role with the MSA for the past 4 years. When not volunteering, I love traveling, being outside, and EATING - I am a huge foodie! I'm also excited to start my PhD at Endicott College this fall. 

Main duties include:

Presides at all MSA meetings and events. Appoints chairpersons and fills any vacancies.

Has a working knowledge of the Constitution and Bylaws, as well as all. budgets.

Serves as an advisor on all committees and for board positions as needed.

Oversees all Association activities. 

Represents MSA at base events.


Courtney Brown



Hi, my name is Courtney Brown, originally from South Carolina. I'm a proud spouse with two rambunctious boys that keep me busy. I love thrifting which is why I spend a lot of my time volunteering at the Thrift shop and occasionally at the Airman's Attic. 

Main duties include:

Performs duties of the President if necessary

Assumes the Presidency if necessary

Serves on the Budget, Constitution and

By-laws committees.

Supervises and guides philanthropic giving; presents requests to the board to vote on, and delivers donation checks.

Takes minutes in absence of the Secretary. Oversees Philanthropic Chairs.

k mayo.jpeg

Kristen Mayo



I am a proud military spouse of 15yrs and a hot mess momma to 2 fabulous kiddos! I enjoy event planning, community outreach, and making people laugh! I’m passionate about the military community and truly believe that it most definitely takes a village!

Main duties include:

Assists the President and Vice President

Performs the duties of the 1st VP if necessary

Serves on the Budget and Constitution and

By-laws Committees

Responsible for matters concerning protocol

Oversees Operational Chairs.

Maintains a current inventory list.

Responsible for holiday decorating.


Jordan Tripp


I’m the manager of Trader Winston’s Thrift Shop, which is what introduced me to the MSA.

When I’m not being thrifty, I spend a lot of my time drawing and hanging out with my two

BFFs (my cats.)


Main duties include:

Records minutes of all MSA board meetings

 Distributes meeting info to board members

Maintains a board roster and updates place cards 

Distributes membership directory quarterly

Oversees Private Organization mailbox  

Assumes Parliamentarian duties if necessary


Chelsea Bryant


Hi!! My name is Chelsea! I am an Air Force Veteran, spouse, and mom to 3 lovely kiddos. I have worked in Government Contracting for 8 years and do my best to contribute back to the community that has given me so much! My hobbies include baking, reading, and insisting I can make a craft cheaper than I could pay for it...only to turn around and not only pay for all the materials but also the original product plus expedited shipping! 

Main duties include:

Maintains all administrative records

Maintains and pays approved accounts

 Assembles bookkeeping records

Serves as Co-Chair of the Budget Committee


Marissa-Ellen Patterson


I work on RAF Lakenheath as the Violence Prevention Integrator and am currently pursuing my MBA from the College of William & Mary. I has served on numerous executive boards and enjoy giving back to the communities I have been part of. I am a foodie and in my free time I enjoys traveling, cooking, trying new restaurants and spending time with my family and friends. 



Main duties include:

Advises President and Board on parliamentary procedures

Chairs the annual Nominating Committee

 Ensures that Constitution and By-laws are reviewed every two years as chair of the Review Committee. 

M BRAA.png

Kaylee Holcomb

Meg Vasquez


My name is Kaylee Holcomb, I was born and raised in Texas, and I have been here at Mildenhall with my husband for 2 years and am honored to be a part of this amazing group of spouses. I am currently pursuing a dual master's degree in Health Administration and Business Administration.  I am new to the Mildenhall Spouses Association, but not the military in general, as I am hoping to serve the community in a positive way through my position.

My name is Meg. I am a mom of 2 wild and fun kiddos. I enjoy crocheting, exploring new places, tearooms or cafes, antique shopping and hanging out with my dog. I am an avid believer in volunteering to help whatever community we move to which is what brought me to the MSA.

Main duties include:

Processes membership paperwork

Oversee membership dues

Maintains current membership listing

Liaison for A&FRC programs such as the Newcomer’s brief and Heartlink.

Mike Braa

Justean Shoemaker


My name is Michael Braa, I am an Air Force veteran of 6 years I am a recent university graduate, having obtained a Bachelor of Science in Sports and Health Science.  I look forward to helping others pursue their own educational goals.    

My name is Justean Shoemaker and I have been a military spouse for eight years.  I enjoy the sense of military community and look forward to all that this year has in store while participating with MSA. 

Main duties include:

Serves on Community Scholarship Association (CSA)

Responsible for managing contributions to and distribution of all high school and

adult scholarships

Christina Aston

Barbara White


Hi, I'm Christina Aston! I work in Human Resources and sit on the D&I committee.


My passion is helping people, whether in their career or talking about mental/physical/or emotional health.


When I'm not working or writing, you will see me traveling, eating delicious meals, or enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.

Hello! My name is Barbara and I have been in the UK just over two years with my husband, daughter, and fur baby.  I enjoy being a part of the community, to include dancing with a local dance group, Island Pearls, and being a member of the Key Spouse Program. I have way too many interests, including binging British TV shows, rugby, and I love to karaoke, so please chat with me if you ever see me and we can talk all about them!

Main duties include:

Liaises with RAF Mildenhall’s Diversity and Inclusion Office, on base services and force support offices
Coordinate with all non-DOD heritage and culture committees in an effort to promote unity and education in and around the tri-base area

Ensures a safe space for marginalized members

A HUCK.jpg

Anna Huck

Carolyn Micheli


My name is Anna Huck and I am the Bazaar Chair for the 2021-2022 year.

I am a Registered Nurse, wife, mother of two hooligans, and lover of a good pint! I am looking forward to working on this event and other MSA events this year.

Hi I'm Carolyn Micheli and I am an active duty military member.

My hobbies include reading, being outdoors, and playing video games.

Main duties include:

Oversees the Mayfair Bazaar Committee

Recruits committee members

Coordinates event with 100 ARW

Conducts monthly/bi-monthly Bazaar meetings

Point of contact at all Bazaar events

image0 (1).jpeg

Nancy Story

Krystianna Crain

My name is Nancy Story and I was born and raised in Southern California. My husband, dog Ninja and I arrived at Mildenhall October 2021. I am currently pursuing a degree in Psychology with the hopes of one day becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist. In my spare time you can find me crafting away while drinking wine and listening to a true crime podcast. I also enjoy books, I buy way too many at times and Star Wars/Harry Potter marathons with my dog.  I have been a military spouse for only 1.5 years but have been an AF Reservist since 2013 and I am so excited to jump in and work on the other side of the Air Force with military spouses and families through the Mildenhall Spouses Association.

My name is Krystianna,

I am a proud military spouse and mother.

We have 3 children and our home is filled with laughter, love, and chaos!!

I love traveling, exploring new places, and being a major history nerd. I like to think I am very well rounded and always looking to learn a new trade. I have over 10 years experience as a bartender and Registered Dental assistant. A passion I share with my oldest daughter is over 15 years of being a dance instructor and cheerleading/gymnastics coach. I am always looking for a new adventure!









Main duties include:

Develops event and childcare reservation system 

Maintains childcare provider options for board meetings, socials, and other events

Updates membership contact lists as needed

Sends out all invitations and event reminders

Oversees event check in and coordinates payments with the Treasurer ​

abel carv.jpg

Abel Carv

Kia Cavahleir


Hello, I'm Abel Carv/ A1C Carv, I'm an active duty Air Force member married to an active duty Air Force member. I was an "Air Force Brat" growing up, then attended the University off and on out of high school while competing in MMA and holding various jobs while owning and running previous businesses including a bar restaurant, night club, photo studio, and music studio. 


Meg Mitchener


My name is Meg and I am psyched to be your PR chair!

I hail from Boston (go sox!) and love all those typical New England things - Sam Adams, Salem on Halloween, a good lobster roll...

I went to college in Chicago and stayed to pursue a teaching position in special education and life skills. I met my husband while working and the midwest became my home away from home. But this is our third overseas tour and the travel bug is definitely here to stay!

I am excited to bring my love of all things graphic design and web building to MSA! 

When I'm not going on fun adventures with my husband, daughter, and GSD Max, I run a small business and volunteer.  In addition to MSA, I'm also on the Small Business Co-op board and help as a key spouse. 

Main duties include:

Maintains MSA website and all social pages

Designs content for all digital/print media

Creates promotional posters for events

Oversees development of  MSA marketing materials such as posters, flyers, giveaway items, business cards, etc.

Hello, my name is Kia. This is my family’s second time here at Mildenhall and we absolutely love it. In fact we would stay forever if we could. I am a full time student and mom but when I’m not studying or chasing around my three kiddos I love to volunteer. I am involved with Cub Scouts, the LGBT+ Allies, the key spouse program, and MSA, so I keep pretty busy, but I absolutely love it. I also enjoying baking and sewing in my spare time. And when there isn’t a global pandemic, I love traveling. I am new to the Mildenhall Spouse Association but have been a military spouse for almost ten years now. I am hoping that my dedication and determination will be a valuable asset to the MSA team.


Amelia Misenheimer

Alicia Guereca


I'm Amelia! I was born and raised in Portales, New Mexico and  graduated from Eastern New Mexico University with a Bachelors in Business Administration.  After working in the oil & gas industry for 2 years, I moved back to Portales to start a Property Management Company.  My husband and I met at the beginning of COVID, and  married in the summer of 2021.  We love traveling, wine, and cooking.  Eventually, I hope to bring my dog, Alpine, to England.  After trying to work remotely, I sold my property management business and am enjoying the adventures that England has to offer.. 

My name is Alicia, I'm 37yrs old. I was born in California but have lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico since I was 8yrs old. I recently got married (April 2021), this is my first base as a military spouse. Before moving here I was an event planner for the last 10yrs. I worked for a technology company and got to help with some fun events such as the Xgames, the international balloon fiesta, and Olympic activations. I'm excited to be here and travel, meet new people, and participate in some fun events with you all. 

Main duties include:

Oversees plans for the monthly socials

Responsible for themes, menus, decorations Solicits and distributes any door prizes

Coordinates Board meetings and social schedule with President

H MCBEE.jpeg

Heather McBee

Tiffany Harley


Hello! I’m Heather McBee and I am the Thrift Store Chair.

I began volunteering there last year and love meeting new people and helping out our base community.  We’d love any volunteers at Trader Winston’s as well so come in and say Hi!

I'm Tiffany. I'm originally from California and I've been a military spouse for 15 years. I have two children and my Italian souvenir,  a volpino italiano, Elsa. We have lived in Europe for half of my husband's career. I love to travel, experiencing everything the surrounding area and culture have to offer. I am currently pursuing my BS in Health Services Management, run a small business, and am a key spouse for the 100 CS. I am passionate about my community and I'm so excited to be a part of MSA this year!

Main duties include:

Coordinates with MSA for volunteers

Ensures that all Thrift Shop rules and regulations are followed

Volunteers at least 2 hours in the

Thrift Shop each week

Main duties include:

In charge of planning the annual Mildenhall Children's Holiday Party

Collaborates with the executive board and budget committee in plans

Oversees MCHP Planning Committee

Maintains records and procedures
Liasion for MCHP

Logo Profile Pic.png

Your name here


Want to get involved or take your membership to the next level? Reach out to become part of the behind the scenes magic!

Join the 2022-2023 Board!

Nominations are open now.

unnamed (2).jpg

Dea Stanley

Melina Clark


My name is Dea Stanley. I was a high school English teacher in California for 10 years before becoming a military spouse in 2019, although I am originally from Ohio.  I like keeping busy raising two girls, working at the Education Center, volunteering, reading, and doing yoga.  

Hello, my name is Melina!  I am a Financial Advisor, mommy to my 5 month old daughter and a mom to my German Shepherd girl.

I have been a military spouse for almost 2 years now with England being my second overseas base. 

Main duties include:

Oversees plans for the monthly socials

Responsible for themes, menus, decorations Solicits and distributes any door prizes

Coordinates Board meetings and social schedule with President

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