How we give back

Each year the Mildenhall Spouses’ Association donates thousands of dollars to support our military and local communities. Over the course of the last two years, MSA has donated $90,000 back to our local community. In addition to fundraising and philanthropic efforts, we also run the two charity shops on RAF Mildenhall. Learn more about the causes we support below. 

Mens Shirts and Coat on Rack

Charity Shops

Airman's Attic +

Trader Winston's

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MCHP, Mayfair Bazaar, Softball Tournament

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MSA works with the CSA to support scholarships for spouses and HS students

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Have something you think we can help with? Submit donation requests here.

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Community Impact 2019-2021

  • $54,686.42 donated back to base through events for active duty members, community and school programs, and base organizations. 

  • $20, 00 in scholarships

  • 400 ornaments + goodie bags handed out to dorm airmen during lockdown

  • Founded and hosted, in partnership with LCA, the Tri-base USAF Anniversary Softball Tournament

  • 100s of cookies collected + donated in support of Joan Mann Special Sports Day

  • Supported the operations of Trader Winston's + the Airman's Attic through covid -19 to ensure incoming airmen and their families had access to essential items. 

  • 120 members donating hundreds of volunteer hours to their base communities

Image by Antonio Janeski