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MSA is a social and philanthropic organization serving the RAF Mildenhall and wider Tri-Base Community.
The Mildenhall Spouses' Association boasts a rich history of philanthropy, support, and outreach that is fueled by resilient spouses who connect, engage, and grow together -- both socially and professionally. 

Philanthropically, we contribute to both the base and local community. Annually we raise and distribute tens of thousands of dollars in donations- and we have a great time doing it. MSA has been able to donate to 31 different community organizations including local and DoDs schools, scouting groups, sports teams and various Air Force charities. If you'd like to apply for a donation to your organization, please visit our "philanthropy" tab to learn how. We also have numerous volunteer opportunities throughout the year, including helping out in the Trader Winston's T
hrift Shop and our Airman's Attic Community Closet. 

Our organization also hosts monthly social and professional development events to help our members connect, develop and engage. Many of our events include child care for our members. We know how hard juggling home and community life can be! So check out our events and volunteer tabs and learn how you can get involved in a way that works for you. Whether you're new to the Air Force or more experienced, a civilian spouse or mil-to-mil partner, or a contractor family - everyone is welcome at MSA. 

To learn more about us as an organization, check out the rest of our website and make plans to join us at our next event.

We look forward to welcoming you!


Create your community.

How we're involved...

Poppy with Leaves

Sometimes you need to create what you want to be a part of.   -Geri Weitzman

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