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RAF Mildenhall, UK

Job Type


About the Role

- Reports to the President.

- Voting member of the Executive Committee, as such is responsible for taking part in budget reviews, philanthropic request reviews and other Executive Committee responsibilities as needed.

- Records the minutes of the Board meetings and any other meetings requested by the President. Distributes to necessary parties in a timely manner.

- Collects and compiles monthly Board reports, creates agenda for Board meeting, and sends them along with the previous month’s minutes via e-mail to the General Board prior to the monthly meeting.

- Provides a copy of the meeting agenda and budgets for each Board Member at the monthly meeting/makes available on the G Drive to each board chair.

- Aides Parliamentarian in sending a copy of the minutes quarterly to the 100th FSS Private Organization Monitor.

- Picks up mail from the 100th FSS Private Organization Office and distributes.

- Maintains incoming and outgoing e-mail within MSA Secretary Gmail account.

- Keeps all MSA official records for three (3) years. Held in Dorm Storage.

- Maintains a Board Roster.

- Prepares Board meeting room with place cards, etc prior to meetings.

- Sends a monthly reminder of the upcoming Board meeting, takes note of attendance and verifies that a quorum will be present as defined in the Constitution.

- Assumes the duties of Parliamentarian in their absence.

- Assists with purchase and maintenance of stationery and other office supplies; inventory with 2nd VP.


  • Must be an MSA member in good standing.

  • Perform duties in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws.

  • Attend Board meetings as a voting member. If unable to attend, notify the Secretary. If you have business that needs to be addressed in your absence, notify your reporting member (President, 1st Vice President or 2nd Vice President).

  • Support MSA fundraising to the best of your ability.

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