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RAF Mildenhall, UK

Job Type


About the Role

- Presides at all membership, Executive Committee and General Board meetings.

- Non-voting member of the Executive Committee, as such is responsible for calling for budget reviews, philanthropic request reviews and other Executive Committee responsibilities as needed. Votes in the event of a tie.

- Appoints a Parliamentarian, Bazaar Chair, Thrift Shop Chair, and Airman’s Attic Chair, and approves the selection of all other Standing Appointed Officers.

- Has the following officials report directly to them:
- Executive Committee members
- Special Committee Chairs

- Ensure that the articles of the Constitution and By-laws are observed.

- Serves as an ex-officio member of all committees, except the Nominating Committee.

- Assists Events Chair in arranging the year’s activities.

- Serves as an advisor for the Bazaar and Children’s Holiday Party.

- Purchases and presents recognition gifts to Board members and Advisors at the appropriate time.
Confirms the Bazaar Chair has submitted a letter to the 100th ARW Commander requesting a date for the following year’s bazaar.

- Maintains all meeting minutes, board reports and after action reports for a minimum of three (3) years

- Maintains incoming and outgoing e-mail within MSA President Gmail account.

- Following a Change of Command, extends an invitation to the 100th ARW and 352nd SOW Wing Commander’s spouse, 100th ARW and 352nd SOW Vice Wing Commander’s spouse, 100th ARW and 352nd SOW Command Chief’s spouses and USAFE-UK Directorate’s spouse to be MSA Advisors. The President may also invite, at his or her discretion, additional advisors and consultants to serve.
Keeps the Advisors informed on significant matters relating to their area of oversight and of all MSA functions.

- Writes recommendations for all Elected Officers and direct Presidential appointees if requested.

- Reviews insurance policy each year with insurance company and updates the Executive Committee on action needed or changes in cost.

- Signs checks as requested by the Operational Treasurer and/or Philanthropic Treasurer.

- Liaises with the Airman & Family Readiness Center including arranging attendance to Newcomer’s Briefings, Spouses' Hour and Heart Link programs; setting date for MSA-hosted Hearts Apart; and working on any special projects such as Spouse Appreciation Day.

- Attend the AWAG annual conference at Edelweiss in the spring prior to your board year, or appoint a delegate to do so.

- Represent the MSA at any Wing related function to which an invitation is extended.


  • Must be an MSA member in good standing.

  • Perform duties in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws.

  • Attend Board meetings as a voting member. If unable to attend, notify the Secretary. If you have business that needs to be addressed in your absence, notify your reporting member (President, 1st Vice President or 2nd Vice President).

  • Support MSA fundraising to the best of your ability.

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