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Philanthropic Treasurer

RAF Mildenhall, UK

Job Type


About the Role

- Reports to the President, and coordinates with Philanthropic / 1st Vice President

- Voting member of the Executive Committee, as such is responsible for taking part in budget reviews, philanthropic request reviews and other Executive Committee responsibilities as needed.

- Assumes the duties of the MSA Operational Treasurer in his/her absence.

- Renews the MSA’s philanthropic account banking privileges at the beginning of the fiscal year, to include updating bank signature cards, according to Article VI, section 2; signers may include the President, First Vice President, Second Vice President and Philanthropic Treasurer.

- Prepares annual philanthropic budget and serves as Co-Chair with Operational Treasurer for the Executive Committee’s summer budget meeting and, if necessary, a January revision meeting. An invitation to attend the budget meeting may also be extended to the Bazaar Chair, Thrift Shop Chair, and Advisors.

- Presents budgets to the general membership for a vote.

- Maintains incoming and outgoing e-mail within MSA Philanthropic Treasurer Gmail account.

- Keeps all financial records for seven (7) years.

- Custodian of all philanthropic monies and bank accounts.

- Receives and banks all monies pertaining to the philanthropic budget.

- Reconciles the monthly bank statement and balances the books prior to Board meetings.

- Promptly disburses philanthropic funds as voted on by the Board, and keeps accurate records of all disbursements and revenues.

- Submits a monthly financial report to the Board for the philanthropic account. Publicizes Budget for Board to review.

- Helps Parliamentarian submit a quarterly financial report to the 100th FSS Private Organization Monitor to include the balances in each account.

- All books should be closed on or before June 15, coinciding with the Board year.

- Has the ability to be bonded.

- Files taxes and seeks out advice of the finance committee in relations to audits.

- If position unfilled, serves as the Finance Chair for the Bazaar to include banking facilities during the weekend, calculators and people to run them, finance runners, cashiers and counters for Sunday, and all other necessary financial duties as outlined by the Bazaar Committee.

- Prepares a budget for the Bazaar Committee.

- Keeps bookkeeping records of monies for the Bazaar committee and disburses Bazaar monies as directed by the MSA.


  • Must be an MSA member in good standing.

  • Perform duties in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws.

  • Attend Board meetings as a voting member. If unable to attend, notify the Secretary. If you have business that needs to be addressed in your absence, notify your reporting member (President, 1st Vice President or 2nd Vice President).

  • Support MSA fundraising to the best of your ability.

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