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1st Vice President

RAF Mildenhall, UK

Job Type


About the Role

- Reports to the President.

- Voting member of the Executive Committee, as such is responsible for taking part in budget reviews, philanthropic request reviews and other Executive Committee responsibilities as needed.

- Acts as an assistant to the President. Performs the duties of the President or Second Vice President in their temporary absence. The First Vice President will succeed the President should the office become vacant.

- Coordinates with the President in selecting Standing Appointed Officers.

- Coordinates between the President and the following Standing Appointed Officers:
- Philanthropic Treasurer (if applicable)
- Scholarships
- Bazaar Chair
- Thrift Store Chair
- If any of these chair positions are vacant, act as the interim chair.

- Serves as Philanthropic Chair; presenting requests to the Executive Committee for review and to the General Board to vote; and delivering donation checks.

- Assists the chairs through the year as needed.

- Serves as an advisor for the Bazaar and Children’s Holiday Party.

- Maintains incoming and outgoing e-mail within MSA 1st VP Gmail account.

- Responsible for updating the Philanthropic Request Form and providing it to the Public Relations Chair for dissemination.

- Inform the Air Force Village and AWAG of the name and address of the MSA’s President and Advisors.

- Purchases a gift for the departing President and any special gifts as directed by the President.

- In the event the Scholarship Chair or Co-Chair position is unfilled, serves on the Community Scholarship Association Committee; or coordinates with another board member.

- Serves as the alternate to the President at official and unofficial functions, as requested.
Writes letters of recommendation for all Standing Appointed Officers under the First Vice President if required.

- Enforce the MSA property regulations in accordance with the By-laws.


  • Must be an MSA member in good standing.

  • Perform duties in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws.

  • Attend Board meetings as a voting member. If unable to attend, notify the Secretary. If you have business that needs to be addressed in your absence, notify your reporting member (President, 1st Vice President or 2nd Vice President).

  • Support MSA fundraising to the best of your ability.

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