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The Mildenhall Spouses’ Association is always ready to welcome new members.  We hold monthly functions where you will meet other spouses and enjoy activities, food, and friendship.  As a member, you are also eligible to join our professional development classes to better yourself professionally and personally. Another perk? Lots of our events include child care for members!

Membership forms are available online, by email, or in person at any of our events. The board and current members look forward to welcoming you to the group. We have some exciting events planned and you don't want to miss them!

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Dues for the 2021- 2022 membership year are $40
If you need help joining us, an application for dues assistances is available.

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You can pay by cash or check at any MSA event. Prefer digital? You can pay when you fill out the application or quick pay with paypal using the red PAY DUES button below.

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Dues are currently $40 

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