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We are Open! 

The Airman’s Attic is a shop of sorts, but perhaps not a kind you’re familiar with if you haven’t been around military life for long. We are similar to a thrift store, collecting gently used items and offering them in our shop. However, this is where the similarities start to differ. The RAF Mildenhall Airman’s Attic offers all items for free to those with base access and valid IDs, focusing especially on our newer airmen and their families. This community is built on volunteers, helping those who need a little extra help when life gets in the way.

We don’t have an exact reopening date, but watch this page early April! We can’t wait to show you our makeover and continue this journey with you!

- The Airman’s Attic Crew

100% ID check

All ranks welcome

2 bag limit per day

Limit 1 transformer per household, limited to E1-E5

Military uniforms given to active duty only

We do NOT accept the following:

Soiled, torn, or broken items

Car seats



Drop-side cribs

Please consider using your local recycling center to dispose of items unfit for reuse. Some of the recycling centers on base accept textile items like clothing. There is also a larger recycling center near the 5-ways roundabout (search “Mildenhall Recycling Centre”). If you live in a town further away (Bury St. Edmunds, Ely, etc.), there just might be a recycling center closer to you.